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Script Doctor Eric

For this week’s Support Something Sunday I’ve chosen what looks like a fun film from some folks out in North Carolina.*

Yep, you guessed it, the movie is REDD: The Ultimate NoBudget Sci-Fi Action Adventure Film

You didn’t guess it?  Well, check out that link for a cool indiegogo campaign with some great perks.

Judging from the teaser/trailer (on their site and below), REDD is a B-movie about Little Red Riding Hood, aliens, government agents, and huge prop guns.  I’m not sure how that ties into the original Red Riding Hood story, but I’m sure everything will be explained in the end.

Also, there’s a guy with an eye patch and most of the movie seems to have been filmed in the same field.

In other words, it looks like awesome B-movie fun.  And sometimes, that’s just what we need in this world.

So kick in a few bucks to REDD on this Sunday.  Or support another project that needs your help.

But good luck finding one that looks more fun.  :)





* Sorry for all the words that begin with “f” in this sentence.  Yes, I could have said “Sorry for all the F-words” but I decided to omit that joke.  Sort of.

The REDD Trailer:

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