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Script Doctor Eric

And the winner of Logline Friday for September 10th, 2010 is…

Anthony Filangeri!

What happens when two high school girls like the same boy?

A) Catfight.

B) House fire.

C) Cold blooded murder.

D) All the above.

While Anthony’s logline isn’t breaking new ground conceptually, his presentation is original enough to grab attention, yet not too strange to alienate the reader.  The choices listed promise a dark comedy with two characters going at each other – non-stop conflict!  Can’t wait to read the script.

Anthony wins free notes on the first 5-10 pages of a script!  Reach him on Twitter to chat about loglines or screenplays or anything else: @TonyFilangeri

Thanks to everyone who entered.  If you didn’t win next week, there’s always another Friday around the corner.



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