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Script Doctor Eric

I’m pleased to announce the return of Support Something Sunday

It’s great to be back in the business of helping creative folks out!  Every Sunday, I’ll once again donate a few shekels to a film, music, or art project.  And more importantly, I’ll POST about that project and help spread the word.

Do you have a movie in need of promotion or money?  Are you making a short and are just a few dollars…short?*  Drop me an email with your indiegogo or kickstarter link, or better yet, contact me via social media (because you’ll be promoting your project WHILE you tell me about it, see..):

FB:  facebook.com/scriptdoctoreric

Twitter: @scriptdreric

I’ll check out any indiegogo or kickstarter link that passes before my eyes.  Seriously.

Good luck to everyone out there.  It’s great to see so many people creating so many cool things.

If you don’t get chosen for Support Something Sunday this week, there’s always next Sunday, and next Sunday, and next…



* Sorry.

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