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Script Doctor Eric

**Revised – Dec. 2010 –  After the 2010 contest, The Script-a-thon discontinued my sponsorship.  Please read my new(er) post: The Scriptathon and other Screenwriting Contests


— Post — June 2010 —

As some of you know, I’m sponsoring a new screenwriting contest launched by some folks I know here in LA.

It’s called The Script-a-thon and you can enter it for $25 through June 30th, 2010. Go to www.thescriptathon.com for all the details. (Or click here for the secret page that let’s you in for $20! :)

Yep, it’s a little different than other contests – you pay your entry fee before June 30th, and then have until August 7th to submit your script.

Basically, they’re trying to encourage people to WRITE or REWRITE the entire month of July. And they’ve even got some coffee shops around LA to give you a discount if you tell ’em you’re with The Script-a-thon.

Now you might be thinking: Why do I want to enter a new contest? Shouldn’t I spend my money on more established contests, like the Nicholl Fellowship or Scriptapalooza

While those contests are great – especially as personal deadlines to finish your script – they’ve become so popular, those odds get harder ever year.

Meanwhile, a number of small screenwriting contests offer great prizes…and winning them isn’t a dream.

One of these contests is The Script-a-thon.  And because The Script-a-Thon is new, they’ll likely have far less entries than other contests.

In other words, enter The Script-a-thon this year, before it gets too big.

And be sure to follow Script Doctor Eric on Twitter as I (he? Hmmm) just might be giving away a free entry or two.

Best of luck, and…



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