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Script Doctor Eric

Support Something Sunday has been going strong since April.  Thanks for reading about the projects!  Did you join me and kick in a few bucks to help folks get their dreams off the ground?

What?  No!??!!?  Well, that’s okay.  There’s always a Sunday around the corner with a new, great project worthy of a few bucks.

Except this week.

Unfortunately I don’t have a film or art project to sponsor today.  And no time to find one.

Do you have a film or art project of some creative thing in need of funding?  Email me the link to the Indiegogo or Kickstarter page and I’ll check it out!

Seriously.  I check out every project sent my way.*

The more people who send me links, the easier it is to pick something.  And the less chance week like this will happen again.

So, send me your project already, or your friends’, or just something you think looks cool.  Let’s help each other get things made.

Seriously.  And…



*As long as this asterisk is here, I haven’t been overloaded with submissions.  Keep sending them!  [email protected]:)

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