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Script Doctor Eric

In this episode of Scriptcast (a screenwriting podcast) Matt and Eric are joined by Adam Strange to discuss the pros and cons of screenwriting groups…


“Take Me Out to the Ballgame” – Traditional


Adam Strange, sabermetrics, UCLA Radio, Dear Zachary – an amazing / depressing documentary, dark twists in Dear Zachary, Adam defends murderers, Adam forgets Dear Zachary, Canada, writing boring procedures / back story, Adam on his smart phone, the dark and surprising world of real life, music segment drops, writers groups, Adam Strange, central California, writers in Deadline Junkies, the importance of deadlines in screenwriting, screenwriting groups in LA – and why most of them “blow”, losing expectations for your work, Dick Smashers – a script, value of actors reading your work, Mark Twain and table reads, honest notes from screenwriters, running your writers group by committee, benevolent dictators, getting good screenwriters in your group, the difference between classes and Deadline Junkies, limiting the time for each writer, getting actors for your screenwriting group, giving great actors a script worth their time; a strange game created by Matt; Matt promising editing and an appearance by Aaron Moles that doesn’t quite materialize, invitation to come by Deadline Junkies, abrupt ending…

Listen below!

Scriptcast 14: Writers Groups Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (395)

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