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Script Doctor Eric

Those of you who listened to last Friday’s Scriptcast heard us review a few loglines.  Thanks so much for sending them in.

Unfortunately, during the show we were not able to access Twitter, and thus, all the loglines folks generously tweeted to @scriptdreric were not discussed.

And so, for this upcoming Scriptcast, we will include all loglines sent via Twitter for the past TWO weeks.

I’ll be capturing them the night before the show and putting them on a separate document this time.  Just in case Twitter fails…again.

So, if you want your logline to be considered for the new Logline Friday, send it in by Thursday night, 8pm (Pacific).

I know, that sorta makes it Logline Thursday… Hey, we’ll still take the loglines on Friday, just make sure they’re sent before 11am…

And you might want to email them to me instead.




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