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Script Doctor Eric

This week there were a number of great loglines. So thank you to everyone who either tweeted or emailed their logline.

And now, the winner of Logline Friday for June 18th is…

Anthony Del Vecchio!

@butterwolf – A crash test dummy fed up with living a life of danger, abuse, and utter despair, escapes the test facility after a hankering feeling he could be in love with a sex doll. But his owners aren’t going to let him live the quiet life without a fight.

The premise may not be mainstream, but it’s so darn imaginative – a crash test dummy who escapes! – that I chuckle just thinking about it. Hopefully the execution can keep those chuckles – and/or imagination – going.

Anthony wins a free entry into The Script-a-Thon! Congrats to Anthony and thanks again to everyone who entered.

There really were a lot of solid loglines. I hope the ones you send next week are just as good.



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