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Script Doctor Eric

Like last week’s Support Something Sunday project (How to Disappear Completely), we’re keeping it local with this week’s selection.  In fact, it’s not just a project being created in Los Angeles, it’s an actual place in Los Angeles.

A theater, in fact.

Alright, it’s Cinefamily, and the project is the yearly fundraiser.  Cinefamily is raising money to upgrade equipment, projectors, chairs, and other things in their amazing theater. Check out their Kickstarter page here:

Cinefamily Kickstarter Page

If you don’t know about Cinefamily, they’re the Silent Movie Theater over there on Fairfax…you know the one.  No?  Well, this article in the LA Times will tell who they are and why they’re having a fundraiser.

One of the best things about LA is its movie theaters.  Yet, it can do with a lot more independent theaters like Cinefamily.  While the New Beverly Cinema* is fantastic, and the Laemmle and Landmark are nice, it’s still far more difficult to see an obscure film in this town then you might expect in the “movie capital of the world.”

So this Sunday, lets support one of the best indie theaters in the area, and in the same breath, encourage newcomers.  Personally, I’m angling for an Alamo Drafhouse.**

If you don’t feel like supporting Cinefamily, consider supporting your local independent theater.

And if you don’t have an independent theater, move to Denver.


(Not really)

(Well, sort of.)




* a.k.a. the “New Bev.”

** Denver has an Alamo Drafthouse but LA doesn’t?  Seriously?   Denver?

Want your film, tv show, web short, art project, or anything creative you’re raising funds for featured on Support Something Sunday?   Tell me about it via Twitter (@scriptdreric) or email me!  

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