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Script Doctor Eric

Happy New Year!

If you haven’t noticed, these past few weeks, ScriptDoctorEric.com has gradually returned.  The screenwriting services are back, along with Logline Friday and Support Something Sunday.  I’ve written a few new posts on screenwriting, such as Selling a Screenplay is Mostly Writing and been chatting you guys up on Twitter (@scriptdreric) and Facebook (facebook.com/scriptdoctoreric).*

Well, now that it’s 2013 it’s time to take the “gradually” out “gradually returned.”  I’m back, the website is back, and everything is up and running in full, glorious form.

So what’s new for 2013?  I’m glad you asked.**

Online Office Hours – Beginning this Friday, I’ll be holding a weekly office hours from noon-1pm Pacific, where you can ask me any question you’d like via Twitter, Facebook, or email.  Yes, I’ll have three windows open.  Madness!

New Screenplay Services – As much help on your script at the most affordable prices I can, well, afford.  Check them out at the Screenwriting Services page.

Best Movies of 2012 – Coming in early February, the results of the Great Movie Challenge of 2012!  You still have until the end of this month (January) to see all the best movies from last year!  So join us, already! :)

Logline Friday Blows Up – Your favorite logline contest is kicking it up a notch, with donated prizes and a system where repeat winners can rack up points

New Posts on Screenwriting – At least three times a week I’ll be putting up blog posts on everything screenwriting.  Yes, this counts.  :)

Feedback Friday – The last Friday of every month I will be a guest reviewer over at Rob Dillon’s Feedback Friday.  Want a shot at free notes on the first 10 pages of your script?  Check out Feedback Friday!

Screenwriting Contest – Coming in March, I’ll be bringing back a version of the screenplay competition that was so popular in 2010.  So…prepare yourself.  And by that  I mean, have your screenplay ready by the end of March.

And…that’s it!  For now.

A lot of little things are also coming that will hopefully help make the site one of your go-to spots for screenwriting advice, encouragement, and, when you’re ready, assistance with your own screenplay.

If you have ideas on how to improve this site, services you’d like offered, or anything else that can help make ScriptDoctorEric.com better, I’d love to hear it.  Really.  Shoot me an email – [email protected]

If I take your advice and it helps out the site, there could be a small “Thank You” gift in it for you.***

Seriously. Happy New Year.  And..



* Record number of links in one paragraph for this website for 2013 achieved!  :)
** I know, I know, you didn’t ask.  Bear with me.
*** If you have an idea of what would make a good “Thank You” gifts, also be sure and let me know.  :)

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