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Script Doctor Eric

First of all, thank you for participating in Logline Friday! Every month the competition grows, and I love seeing so many screenwriters working on loglines, pitches, and condensing their stories.

If you read the most recent Logline Friday winner and thought, “Hey, my logline is better than that!” you were probably not alone. Sorry! Every month I must choose from a number of solid loglines, and believe me, the decision isn’t easy.

So what’s the criteria?

Basically, I pick the logline that grabs me the most, the one that makes me go, “I want to read that script.” This doesn’t mean the logline tells me everything about plot or character, but it tells me enough, hooks me with a twist, and reels me in.

(See where I explain the rationale behind past Logline Friday winners

If you feel like your logline met this criteria, and are really, truly astonished that I didn’t immediately demand to read the script based on your pitch, you have two options:

1. Wait for next month’s Logline Friday contest and re-enter the same logline.

2. Shoot me an email ([email protected]) with the subject “LOGLINE FRIDAY APPEAL.” In the body of the email, include your name, logline, and reason why you believe it has more of a “hook” than the winning logline. If I like your rationale, I will post your logline and reasoning on the site and you’ll win free notes on 10 pages of your script.

If not, chin-up! This is all just for practice. And there’s always next week.



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