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The Best Gifts for Screenwriters

Preface: I wrote a similarly titled short piece last year (Gifts for Screenwriters) but if you haven’t read it, that’s fine. This one will cover everything that one did. I don’t know why I linked it. Don’t read it.  Seriously. –Eric From scheduling plane trips, to

Tired of Rewriting?

Recently, I gave notes to a friend of mine on her script.  The larger notes called for a major overhaul of the story, and she said she had been getting the same note from others. My friend expressed severe fatigue at the thought of rewriting her

Help for New Screenwriters

Welcome to the world of screenwriting! Writing movies can be extremely fun, creative, and even exciting. WARNING: Screenwriting can also be extremely boring and frustrating. As a produced screenwriter, I can only promise that the fun parts will outweigh the frustrating parts…most of the time. How do

What does a Script Reader Do?

A script reader (or “Reader”) is the person who reads scripts for agents, producers, managers, assistants, and…pretty much everyone. It works like this (I used “agent” here, but feel free to substitute “manager,” “producer,” “executive,” etc.): 1. An agent gets sent a script from a client, manager,