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Script Doctor Eric

So the Oscars are in a few hours, and I’ll be taking a break from the project I’m working on to watch… If you’d like to talk about the films or anything else during the show, find me on Twitter @ScriptDrEric

Since everyone loves Oscar predictions (or at least I do) I’ve included a few below.  Though I don’t feel qualified to comment on EVERY award, here are some predictions on the biggest Oscar races:


Who Should Win: The Social Network

Who Will Win: The King’s Speech

The King’s Speech and The Social Network are both great films, but The Social Network has all the elements of a modern day classic: Comedy, suspense, betrayal, and a kick-ass soundtrack.  I tell people it’s the best movie I’ve seen in the past three years, and I mean it.

True Grit is also phenomenal.  Those of you who are friends with Script Doctor Eric on facebook already know how much I love that movie…

Black Swan and Toy Story 3 both rock, in the complete opposite of ways.  Be sure not to miss either one.  (But leave the kids – or parents – at home for Black Swan

Winter’s Bone isn’t bad, but it’s dark, dark, slow, and dark.

The Kids are All Right is really just all right.  I’m sure I’m not the first to make that joke…but perhaps one of the last this awards season? :)

127 Hours feels like a short stretched into a feature.  Not bad, but not a full movie.  If it didn’t have Franco and Boyle on the project, I can’t imagine it getting any attention at all.

Don’t get me started on the overrated Inception.  To everyone who loves it, I just have one question: Have you never seen David Lynch’s films (a.k.a. Inception with smaller budgets and fewer stars)?

Full disclosure: The one big movie I haven’t seen is The Fighter.  WTF, I know!  Well, I’m not in the Academy, and…did I tell you I’m working on a large project?  Ha.  Actually, I’ll check it out this week and hopefully post a Best Films of 2010 list to compete with Joey’s Top 43 Films of 2010.  Look for it next week!


Who Should and Will Win: The Social Network

Through Aaron Sorkin the potentially mundane of the founding of a website becomes a hip, cool, and intense thrill-ride.  Though some criticize Sorkin for his characters sounding the same (smart, witty, etc.), for a world of internet geeks, intellectual property attorneys, and ivy league jocks, it works.


Who Should and Will Win: The King’s Speech

Do yourself a favor and listen to the Creative Screening Podcast with writer David Seidler.  Three things I learned from that interview:

1. If you believe in a project, go for it.  Don’t stop until it’s made.

2. Good projects take serious research, dedication, and rewriting.

3. It’s always good to get Geoffrey Rush involved.

That’s it!  Enjoy the show!

And again, catch me on Twitter (@scriptdreric) to chat it up during the awards.

Until next time…


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