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Script Doctor Eric

Logline Friday for October 29th, 2010 will run exactly the same as Logline Fridays of the past, but with one notable difference:

The scariest logline wins.

In previous Logline Fridays, sometimes the scariest logline HAS won.  (See: List of Past Logline Friday Winners

But this time, the scariest logline is GUARANTEED to win.

So, shelve those brilliant rom-com ideas for now (It’s THE PROPOSAL meets LOVE ACTUALLY meets ENCHANTED!) and sit down and write something scary.

You can do it.  Dig deep.  Scoop out some brains.  Throw them on your MacBook.  Condense into 280 characters or less.  Tweet or email.  Limit three.

The winner gets free notes on the first 10 pages of ANY script you wish to send my way.

In other words, come up with a crazy, shocking, disgusting, yet intriguing logline, win the contest, and THEN for notes, send me THE PROPOSAL meets LOVE ACTUALLY meets ENCHANTED. (What would that look like, anyhow?)

Good luck, and…



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