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Script Doctor Eric

Logline Friday is back, starting…now!

What is Logline Friday?  

It’s a free, weekly competition that gives screenwriters a reason to practice honing their screenplay loglines.

How do I submit my logline?

Tweet it to @scriptdreric in one or two tweets.  Or, if you’re shy, you may email it to me.

How many loglines can I enter?

Up to three.

What the hell is a logline?

Though there are different definitions, in this case, a logline is concise pitch of your script that would entice someone to read it.  Please limit loglines to 280 characters or less.  :)

What are some examples of good loglines? 

Past winners of Logline Friday include such entries as:

@TheWriteScript – With a real contract out on his life, a schizophrenic P.I. fights not only to survive, but to distinguish between the actual hit man and the interfering hallucinations.

@DerisiveDoll – After the city’s superheroine is murdered, her shy sister, desperate to lead a normal life, is asked to avenge her sister’s death by stopping the villain who is now wreaking havoc on the city.

For more examples of past winners, see Best Screenplay Loglines

What do I get if I win?

First, you win bragging rights.  The winning logline is posted right here on the site.

Second, this week I’m giving away notes on the first 20 pages of your script.

Third, even if you don’t win, you’re working on your logline, which in the long run, may help you sell your script.

In other words, everyone wins!  :)

So let’s get to it!  You have from RIGHT NOW until 11:59pm (PST) to submit your best logline.

Good luck, and…



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