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Script Doctor Eric

For this episode of Scriptcast Matt and Eric are joined in the UCLA Radio studios with special guest Randall Park!  Randall is an actor, comedian, and all-around nice guy, just like he comes across in our conversation. For more of Randall’s stuff, check out his website: RandallParkPlace.com

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“Treats” – Novelists
“Yes Yes Yes” – Novelists


Randall Park interview, orchestra in the closet, Modern Family, Sofia Vergara, the mockumentary format, Community, gimmicks, Randall Park on / not-on Community, New Girl, Zoey Deschanel, which TV scripts to spec, Matt’s Star Trek spec, writing samples, UCLA’s LCC Theater Company, Randall Park on Fastlane, Octupus Man, Supah Ninjas, Randall Park as (not) an extra in Dinner for Schmucks, Dr. Miracles, IKEA Heights, more shorts on Randall Park’s website – www.RandallParkPlace.com, Verizon commercial with Randall Park for the Asian markets, The Food episode where Matt gets naked and kisses a guy, Randall Park’s award-winning pilot, Aaron Moles can do anything, animals fighting humans, setup and payoff, outlining the hell out of things, the origin of Dr. Miracles, ideas, Nick Stoller, The Five-Year Engagement, improv vs. scripted, getting feedback from friends, writing humorous scripts, American Fusion, UCLA Radio studio closet, hot in LA, game about Randall Park’s life, Scarface-Face in Channel 101’s Super Fetus, thanks again to Randall for coming in!

Listen below!

Scriptcast 24: Randall Park Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (609)

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