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Script Doctor Eric

While most of the posts on this site are on screenwriting, every now and then I take a break and write about a miscellaneous subject from my day-to-day life.  This is one of those times…

A few weeks back a couple folks on Twitter chatted me up about the best burger in Los Angeles.  The standard suggestions of Apple Pan and Father’s Office were thrown about, and while they both make a tasty burger, I just don’t think they can be called “the best burger in LA.”

Were the tweets calling for a debate on the best burger in LA, or did someone just want to know where they could get a good burger?  I’ll assume the former since I’m this far into the post.  Let’s continue.

Based on eating at two separate locations – La Brea and Santa Monica – Umami Burger is good, but they seem to value hipness over food quality.  And do so non-ironically.

The Counter is fantastic, but you design your own burger, so does that really…count?

In-N-Out delivers a cheap burger fast, and might be the best if you haven’t lived in LA for fifteen years and eaten there way, way too often in college.

Before I declare the “best” burger in Los Angeles, I have to say that if you’re new to LA, any of the above spots will deliver a very, very solid burger.  If you friend claims one of those places is the best, fine, I can see that.

But for my money, the winner of “Best Burger in LA” is a small, classic-style diner way out in Pasadena.

I’m talking about Pie ‘n Burger

Though it’s a Frisbee through to nearby Cal Tech, inside it’s anything but scientific.  Old school food with fountain cokes and old school attitude.

Now that I think about it, maybe there is something scientific about keeping your place “old school.”

The prices are a little higher than it probably was back in the day, but it’s worth it.  Oh, and it’s where Jonathan Gold gets his burger, if you’re looking for foodie cred.

Alright, back to screenwriting before I eat this keyboard.

Eat well, my friends.  And…



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