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Script Doctor Eric

I published this review of the documentary Inside Job a few months back after I caught it at the Landmark.

Now that the film has won the Academy Award for Best Documentary and gone to DVD, a lot more people seem to be searching “script” and “Inside Job,” which leads them to this site.

I feel a little bad, because a lot of folks are probably confused; they’re looking for the script to the movie, not help with their own screenwriting.

So I did a little research.

Turns out, the transcript to Inside Job is on the Sony Pictures Classics site as a .pdf.  The link is below, but be warned: it’ll automatically download the .pdf, so if you’re worried about downloads, you may want to “view” it instead.

The Inside Job Transcript on the Sony Pictures Classics Site

And if you haven’t seen the website for Inside Job, be sure to check it out – it’s got a lot of great material that digs deeper into the details of the financial crisis, including a cool press kit and teaching aid.

Inside Job Website

Hope that helps!

If you haven’t seen Charles Ferguson’s excellent documentary…what are you waiting for?  Another financial crisis?  :-/



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