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Script Doctor Eric

I have resisted calling ScriptDoctorEric.com a blog.

When I began the site back in 2008, I anticipated its primary function to be introducing screenwriters to my Screenwriting Services. As a script reader, I felt my main strengths were in analyzing individual screenplays and helping screenwriters improve their work.

I still feel that way.  There’s no better way to teach screenwriting – and most things – than through one-on-one interaction.

But as I settled into the screenplay consultant world, aspiring screenwriters began asking me questions about the craft.  Instead of answering the same question over and over again, I began posting answers here on the site.

Now, after 200+ posts on screenwriting, I’ve watched the site morph into a resource unto itself.

So let’s call it what is has become: a blog.  Sure, the service is still available, but if you’re not looking to improve your script right now, feel free to enjoy the posts on imagining, writing, and selling your screenplay.

Use the search bar at the top and find a post on an aspect of screenwriting that interests you most.  If you’re new to screenwriting, I recommend starting with Screenwriting Help for Beginning Screenwriters.  In that post there are links to other resources that will hopefully get you on your way.

I’ll keep updating about screenwriting, and answer screenwriting questions, so be sure and check back regularly.  (Got a question?  Ask me via the nifty Ask Script Doctor Eric page.)

My goal is to post every Tuesday.   There may be more, but definitely one every Tuesday.

A lot of future posts will probably be about our new podcast – Scriptcast – A Screenwriting Podcast.  Hope you get a chance to listen live.  If not, we’ll begin posting old episodes in the weeks to come.

We’ll probably post them right here…on Script Doctor Eric’s Blog.

(Still trying to get used to the sound of that.)



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