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Script Doctor Eric

Logline Friday – your favorite free weekly online script logline competition* – is still going.   So every Friday, feel free to tweet or email me your best logline.

Don’t know the rules to Logline Friday?  Check out the original post about it – Logline Friday Rules and Everything

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to declare a winner.  So just do it for your own practice for now!

Why haven’t I had time declare winners?  To be honest, I’ve been a bit busy with other stuff.

Also, while we’re being honest, I haven’t yet delivered all the free notes to the winners.  I feel like Robert Frost in the woods!**

But the entire point of Logline Friday is not to win a prize, or free screenplay notes from me.  The point is for screenwriters to practice their loglines on a regular basis.

But I know, it’s tough when there isn’t an incentive.   The plan for Logline Friday is actually to create a running competition, where winners earn points each week, and other writers can vote on who is the winner.

That way, we’ll all be involved, and I don’t have to be the one who gets angry emails that say such things as: “Why didn’t you pick my logline the logline you picked was stupid, I don’t care if you’re a produced screenwriter and freelance script reader whose read thousands of scripts, your opinion SUCKS!”


So stay tuned, as Logline Friday gets a facelift…like everything else in Hollywood!

That’s all for now.  And…



* I don’t actually know if it’s your favorite.

** Poet who wrote something about “promises to keep” and “miles to go before sleep” or something like that.***

*** I actually have this poem memorized, I just wanted to seem less of a dork by casually paraphrasing it.. :-/

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