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Script Doctor Eric

And the winner of Logline Friday for November 5th, 2010 is…

Bart Van Zon!

@BartVanZon – Scientists try to concentrate all positive traits of different races, sexes and believes inside one human being. All these combined traits result in the most boring person imaginable.

While I’d love to know what happens next (What does this boring person do?  Is someone after him?  I’m just guessing it’s a “him.”) the logline hooked me with its originality and theme.

I’m a sucker for “normal is boring” type scripts.  I imagine most writers are.

If you’ve been keeping track, you’ll remember that Bart won Logline Friday back in August with his scary “tattoo thief” logline

Congrats Bart!  You did it again!  Bart wins free notes on 10 pages of anything he wishes to send my way.

Thanks to everyone who entered! And remember: if you didn’t win this week, there’s always another Friday around the corner.



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