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Script Doctor Eric


Praise for TV Consultant Joey’s Pilot and TV Spec Service


“Before sending a script anywhere, be sure to send it to Joey first! She is meticulous with her notes. Nothing gets by her, which is what one wants in order to develop a clean script. The best part is she gives excellent suggestions on how to fix any weak areas. I feel extremely fortunate to have found her script reading service. Joey is an incredible resource for anyone interested in writing for television. It is definitely money well spent.”


Enfield, CT

“The quality of the notes was great…I was more than satisfied. The notes were helpful, not condescending. A mix of things I did well and areas in which I could improve. Format issues were addressed, as were larger story issues. I really got the feeling the reader is genuinely interested in helping other writers. All in all, a good experience.”

-Evan S. Porter


“The notes from TV Consultant Joey were very thorough and extremely helpful, but what I really liked was the follow-up phone conversation. Joey had obviously done a very close reading of my TV pilot, and the leisurely give and take with someone so knowledgeable was, quite frankly, a thrill. I’d recommend Joey to any writer.”


St. Petersburg, Florida

“Many thanks to Joey for her excellent notes, comments, and phone consultation on my pilot and spec scripts. The service is without question a great value, and I highly recommend her. “

-Quinton Miles

Raleigh, NC


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