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Script Doctor Eric

This pick may or may not have been influenced by recently watching The Garden – an excellent documentary about farmers in South LA and their battle for land.  Streaming on Netflix right now!  -Eric

This week for Support Something Sunday I’ve chosen a documentary about farmers and activists up in the Bay Area and their battle against the University of California for a space to garden.

I know what you’re thinking: activists near Berkeley?  Shocker!

Ha.  Well, by the trailer, this documentary feel less like a polemic, and instead presents both sides of a complex issue: how we disperse public land.  See for yourself:

Occupy the Farm on Kickstarter

The folks making the film seem like no slouches when it comes to production.  If the trailer and website are any indication, the documentary is shaping up to be something special.

Did you check it out?  Looks great, doesn’t it?  So kick in a few tomatoes!  Or cucumbers!

Or dollars.

Or support another artist this Sunday and every Support Something Sunday…which is every Sunday.

Sorry to get confusing here right at the end.  The important thing to remember is…


Seriously.  And…



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