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Script Doctor Eric

This Friday on Scriptcast (A Screenwriting Podcast) we’re excited to announce that we’ll be joined by none another than funny-woman Christy Murphy!

Christy has performed all across the country, and even appeared on NBC’s Last Comic Standing.  Yeah, she’s the real deal.

Check out Christy’s comedy website as well as her site for Funny Stuff when you get the chance.

Matt and I will be talking with Christy about writing comedy (surprise!) and especially how to punch up jokes.

To hear Scriptcast live, go to UCLA Radio at 11am this Friday, June 10th, and click those big “Listen Live” headphones at the top of the page.

If you miss the live recording, don’t worry – the podcast will be posted to iTunes where you can download it for free.  (Thanks Matt!)  For more info on how to hear our screenwriting podcast, check out Scriptcast on iTunes

Lastly, here’s a sneak preview of Christy before Friday’s show!   She may or may not bring her guitar to the studio.  Tune in (or download later) and find out!


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