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Script Doctor Eric

And the Logline Friday winner for October 8th, 2010 is…

Kim Britt!

After a mysterious condition causes her to swear like a drunken sailor, a meek Catholic grade school teacher struggles to save her job and escort her class on a trip to the Vatican to meet, of all people, the ****ing Pope!

It’s Liar Liar meets Doubt

Okay, not exactly.  But what’s great about Kim’s logline is that it quickly tells us what we need to know about the protagonist and the main obstacle she’ll have to overcome.  And it looks funny!

Kim wins free notes on 5-10 pages of ANY script she wishes to submit.  Congrats Kim!

Didn’t win this week?  Check out this list of past logline winners to see what makes a logline shine.

Then brush up your logline and get ready: there’s another Logline Friday just around the corner.



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