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Script Doctor Eric

For television writing testimonials please see TV Consultant Joey’s Testimonials

All testimonials are from actual clients.


Testimonials for Script Doctor Eric’s Screenwriting Services


“The way he does his notes is so refreshing. He lists the good, the bad, and the ugly, but does it in a style that is not insulting or condescending. He breaks it down into problem areas, strengths & weaknesses, dialogue do’s and don’ts, suggestions to cut stuff out or move it around, ideas for enhancing characters — I mean, a total frigging critique of the whole enchilada baby! Was it worth it? Hell yeah! Every penny.”

-Todd Gordon

The Moviequill

“Don’t waste thousands of dollars on script consultants that are more interested in criticizing and confusing you than helping you improve your script. If you want to work with someone that understands the ins and outs of screenwriting, contact Script Doctor Eric. It is borderline ridiculous that someone with this much expertise, knowledge, and insight can be this affordable; he could charge three times as much and it would still be a bargain. It doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie or veteran screenwriter, if you send your script to the Script Doctor, it will be greatly improved, guaranteed!”

-Kevin Lehr

Bethlehem, PA

“Use Script Doctor Eric for script consulting services – he’s most helpful! Good, friendly but firm advice. And we all need that.”

-Craig Phillips


“I had a really tight deadline to meet and needed some professional eyes on my work. I knew there were problems with my script but I was so deep in the details I had lost my perspective. Eric’s notes were timely, professional and most important focused on the core issues that needed to be addressed. He even followed up with a 30 minute phone call that felt more like an inspiring brain storm session with a friend than anything else. If you’ve got a problem, I’d highly recommend Eric.”

-Brad Sorensen

Ottawa, Canada

“If you’re looking for a good professional script consultant I highly recommend him…it’s hard for me to imagine that you’ll find a better value with any other script consultant.”

-Ashley Meyers

Read Ashley’s entire review on his site: SellingYourScreenplay.com

“A script isn’t finished until it’s 3-hole punched, brass fasteners are added… AND Script Doctor Eric has reviewed it! I was personally amazed at his ability to understand my script, and then climb inside my head and extract ideas! Thank you for the thorough coverage and excellent one-on-one phone consultation! There isn’t another script evaluation service out there that can offer the personal service and level of detail you provide, not to mention your amazing QUICK TURNAROUND!!! Whether your writing your 1st script or your 20th, Script Doctor Eric is a PRICELESS resource to any writer who wants to take their script to the next level and beyond!“

-Dylan Dawson

Orange County, CA

“Script Doctor Eric is invaluable to any writer seeking to improve their craft. He is objective, candid and honest. With the Doctor’s help, anything is possible. In my case, I shipped over a chunk of coal to the good Doc and what I got back (after feedback and a very satisfying phone conversation) was a Diamond in the rough. With a little more polishing, heck… I may just have a real gem. Seriously, it’s painless… go see the Doctor for your script analysis, you can’t go wrong.“

-Buz Brundage


“Thank you for your detailed notes and insightful comments on WEDDING VOWS. Great value script evaluation service. Now, back to the rewrite. Thanks again.

-Stephen Hoover

Baton Rouge, LA

“Script Doctor Eric’s analysis of my screenplay was right on target. He zeroed in on the facets of my script that could be strengthened. His follow-on consultation of the written notes, reinforced what worked and didn’t work. After my subsequent re-write, I believe my script is now a marketable story. Thanks Eric.“

-Tim M.

Centennial, CO

“Eric’s services are incredibly worthwhile and very reasonably priced. His notes were thorough and the phone consultation felt like a mini writing class.”

-S. Schwartz

Los Angeles, CA


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