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Script Doctor Eric

I got this question recently:

Dear Eric,

For weeks I have been searching for a reputable list of agencies to submit for query letter to. Initially, I thought the agencies on the WGA website were legitimate, but some of them don’t release their clients, which seems fishy. I read somewhere that agencies that keep their client base confidential are scams. So, I am hoping you can inform me of some reputable agencies or a reputable website were I can find legitimate agencies.

Now that I read it again, there isn’t an actual question there…but here’s my response:

There are so many people our there claiming to be agents or managers (or both?), so the question of “How can aspiring screenwriters find which representation is more “legit” than another?” is a good one

For years, the standard for outsiders finding representation has been the Hollywood Creative Directory.  (Find it online at HCD Online)  Though there are some questionable sources in there, almost all the legit ones are there as well, so it’s about weeding through the whole list.

The other option is IMDB Pro.  Find which movies are similar to yours, find the writers, and see who represents them.  It is a paid service, though, so hopefully your script is already in top shape.

Check out my post Which Agent? that covers some of this same ground and gives ample warning about sending your script too soon.

Hope that helps, best of luck, and…



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