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Script Doctor Eric

I am picking a friend up at the airport, and thus must cancel my screenwriting office hours for today, January 18th, 2013.

If you are reading this at a date later than January 18th, 2013, hurray!  Office hours are probably not cancelled!

But even though office hours may be a no-go, it is still Friday…which means Logline Friday is still happening!  Submit your best logline, win free notes!

Of course, this Sunday – and every Sunday – look for a new Support Something Sunday post  featuring a project in need of your help.

Lastly, if you had been looking for the next post in the How to Write a Movie in 2013 series, it will continue next week.  I hope you’ve been working on your story, telling it to people, and making it as good as it can possibly be.  PRE-WRITING really is important enough to give it two weeks.

Seriously, and…



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