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Script Doctor Eric

This contest is from 2009 and is now over!Sorry if you missed it. :(..
Script Doctor Eric Presents…

Script Doctor Eric’s Query Letter Contest!

GRAND PRIZEOne free FULL SERVICE from Script Doctor Eric ($99 value)RUNNER UP

One free QUICK READ from Script Doctor Eric ($50 value)


Free Query Service from Script Doctor Eric ($25 value)


The GRAND PRIZE and RUNNER UP will have their queries forwarded to a WGA Signatory agent and other industry contacts.

Friday, April 17th, 2009 – 11:59PM (Pacific)

Cost: $3 per letter (no limit)

Three bucks? Yeah, I want everyone to have a shot at this. No excuses.

How to enter:

1. Pay your $3
(Click the PayPal icon on the right – select QUERY LETTER CONTEST)

2.Send Your Query
Email your query to [email protected]
(in the body of your email or attached)

The winners will be announced on May 1st right here on the site.
I will explain in detail what made those queries better than the rest.


If you don’t win, I’ll still give you a couple thoughts on your letter.

Don’t miss this chance to get your query into the right hands.
Enter as many queries as you want.
But enter today before it’s too late!


-Script Doctor Eric

Please note: This is for SCREENPLAY QUERIES ONLY.
I will judge queries based on content and format.
A good query is a compelling idea expressed with clarity.

To help you get startedcheck out the post


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