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Script Doctor Eric

Yes, the last two posts have been “Top 5” style updates…Sorry, I guess I’m in a top 5 / bottom 5 mood.  –Eric

Just like last year (see: Best Movies of 2010) I’m trying to see as many current movies as I can.  I’m keeping a list, ranking the films, and will post it right here at the end of the year.  Unlike last year, I hope to see more than Script Reader Joey, who always seems to be one step ahead.  Darn her!  :)

It’s actually a lot of fun; I highly recommend it. Make a list!  It helps you remember the movies you saw, and plus, I’d love to see your list (and tell you why CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE is not the best film of the year.  Seriously, Matt.)

Why am I posting the bottom 5 list now?  Usually the worst movies come out at the beginning of the year, so odds are that these will hold, at least for my list.  (There could be worse movies out there this year; I just didn’t see them.)  I’ll also be trying to see all the GOOD movies here in the next forty days that I won’t have time to take a chance on something unknown.

Okay, let’s get to the list.

The 5 Worst Movies of 2011
(In descending order, ie: #1 being the worst)

5. ARTHUR – I like Russel Brand a lot – I mean, A LOT – and I could barely sit through this horrible remake.  The movie tries to do too much and keeps going, and going, and just lie the Energizer bunny, stops being cute after about 30 seconds.

4. SUPER – A very strange, dark, and humorless film.  Lacks anything that can be called “fun,” and has no redeemable morality that I could gather.

3. NO STRINGS ATTACHED – I didn’t expect much, really.  Thank you Ashton and Natalie for delivering exactly what I expected.

2. GNOMEO AND JULIET – Such an odd child-like mashup of gardening, Shakespeare, and kids movie, I had no idea what was going on.  Even the cute gnomes couldn’t save it.

1. FROM PRADA TO NADA – Checked it out because of being loosely based on Sense and Sensibility and shot in nearby East LA.  It somehow lacked sense or sensibility AND any LA authenticity.

Now you know what movies to avoid / draw inspiration from.

Keep those lists going; can’t wait to see them come January.




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