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Script Doctor Eric

This week’s Support Something Sunday spotlights the LA documentary The Ovarian Psycos

Yes, you read correctly, that’s “ovarian.”  If you’re not accustomed to seeing that word in a film title, well, I think that’s their point.  It’s a documentary about women, empowerment, and bicycles.

Which seems great.  Yet, beyond profiling the “Ovarian Psycos Cycle Brigade” it’s a little unclear what the documentary will be about.  Guess I’ll have to wait and see!

Because I’m still happily supporting this project for three reasons:

1. The first thing that attracts me to any project is the professionalism.  Has the artist taken the time to make sure their trailer looks – and more importantly – sounds professional?

In the case of The Ovarian Psycos the answer is an overwhelming “yes.”  Did you watch that trailer from their Kickstarter page (posted above) yet?  Amazing shots taking us through a really cool, under-examined part of LA.

And is that original music?   Impressive stuff.

2.  The point of Support Something Sunday is to help out creative projects, and if you’ve been following the projects supported in the past, you know that I tend to give priority to local filmmakers.

And I encourage you to do the same wherever you live!  Don’t you want your community to be more creative, thriving with an artistic pulse?  Yeah, me too.

Of course, living in LA makes it a bit difficult – there are SO MANY projects to support.  At the same time, this makes it easier.  When in doubt, I just put on a blindfold, spin around, and throw a rock.  Whichever project it hits, I chip in a few bucks.

And if I had a good arm, I might be able to hit Boyle Heights or East LA from this coffee shop.  I mean, a really good arm.

Which leads me to the third reason for sponsoring The Ovarian Psycos

3. Los Angeles is so much more than Hollywood and the beaches.  There are amazing neighborhoods in the city and surrounding area that few people outside of LA know or understand.

The more movies about East LA, Koreatown, Boyle Heights, Artesia, Echo Park, Gardena, Highland Park, Baldwin Hills, Monterey Park, Alhambra (and so many more areas!), a better, more complex, realistic, and beautiful vision of the sprawling and vibrant metropolis we know as LA will emerge.

So support The Ovarian Psycos already!  Or if you don’t, choose another project to help out.  After it’s Sunday.

Seriously.  And…



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