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Script Doctor Eric

Matt returns for this Friday’s Scripcast so we’re return to discussing both screenwriting AND television writing. :)

Here are a few topics we’re kicking around (Subject to change…but not likely to because that means more work.):

1. Matt really wants to talk about Game of Thrones and the fantasy genre.  So we’ll briefly chat about that.


2. How do you decide what to do with your ideas?  We’ll discuss loglines sent to us from Twitter, as well as pitch each other a few or our own ideas.   Then we’ll decide which ones might make great movies, which are TV ideas, which are webisodes, and which ideas are just…out there.

3. Beginner tip of the week.

Want to join the conversation?  Tweet your best logline to @scriptdreric by Friday at 11am (Pacific) and we’ll read the best ones on the podcast.  (Worried about your idea?  Check out Will Someone Steal My Movie Idea?

Listen Live to the recording of the podcast by going to www.UCLAradio.com on Friday at 11am.  Otherwise, the podcast recordings will be up soon…

Does this mean Logline Friday is back?  Perhaps!  This is a trial run to see if we can integrate Logline Friday into ScriptCast…

Stay tuned, and see ya Friday!


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