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Script Doctor Eric

And the winner of December 3rd’s Logline Friday competition is…

Steve Spatucci!

@stevepatucci When their cruise ship is hijacked, five washed-up TV actors struggle to recall the skills from their most famous roles in order to rescue the passengers from a mangy crew of pirates.

It’s GALAXY QUEST meets THE LIFE AQUATIC!  Or  GALAXY QUEST on a cruise ship!  Either way, it’s a high-concept, marketable idea.

The only questions buyers may have are: Is it original enough?  How does it differentiate itself from GQ and other films?

We probably won’t know that until we read the script.  And writing a great logline is the first step in getting your script read.

Steve wins one month of Professional Screenwriting Tools from Ashley at Selling Your Screenplay.  Congrats Steve!

If you’re not Steve, remember, there’s always another Friday around the corner.



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