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Script Doctor Eric

Without further ado, the Logline Friday winner for June 4th, 2010 is…Levan Hines a.k.a. @FinalDraftJunki!

@FinalDraftJunki – “Heavenly Decent” – Angels go on strike and, descend on earth to find jobs when God cancels the end of times.

Though a phrase like “the end of times” seems a bit vague, I like the strong “fish out of water” premise of angels coming to Earth to find jobs. Seem ripe for comedy, depending on execution, of course.

Levan wins a free admission to The Script-a-Thon – a cool new screenplay contest with awesome prizes.

By request, here are a two other loglines that just missed the cut (but are welcome to try again next Friday!)

@elephantburch – A woman fights for her survival when the government lets the public kill anybody they want without consequences for 12 hours.

So close. High concept, nice hook. A little more about why the woman is in danger might have sealed the deal. (Is she a notoriously cruel judge? A bartender with a past? Etc.)

@erikcaswell – Four theologists take a pilgrimage of sorts, and their faith is tested as they experience survival of the fittest firsthand.

I like the mix of “survival of the fittest” with the theologists, yet I can’t quite picture what kind of “pilgrimage” they’ll be going on, and how their faith will be “tested.” A few more specifics and this one too, is a winner.

Congrats again to Levan, and thanks to everyone who submitted so many great loglines. Keep them coming next Friday!



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