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Script Doctor Eric

Below is an ongoing list of screenwriting links. Script Doctor Eric is not associated with any of the sites, he just likes them.

JohnAugust.com – Screenwriter John August (The Nines) answers questions and imparts his wit and wisdom.

The Unknown Screenwriter – All I know about this guy is that he has a huge site on screenwriting.

SellingYourScreenplay.com – Ashley Meyers offers a helpful source of information for new screenwriters, especially regarding query letters.

Bamboo Killers – Emily Blake blogs about writing and screenwriting, posting appropriate lolcat pics along the way.

Go Into The Story – Exhaustively informative, regularly updated blog on screenwriting.

ScriptShadow – Controversial site reviewing and posting the hottest screenplays around town. (On the controversy, see John August’s How ScriptShadow Hurts Screenwriters

Complications Ensue – Alex Epstien offers some sweet advice not in his book “Crafty Screenwriting.”

Drew’s Script-o-Rama – Great place to find a ton of scripts.

Screenplays for You – Another great place to read screenplays for free.

Gargantuan List of Screenplay Competitions – I will soon set up a page on here listing the competitions I prefer. Meanwhile, surf through this bad boy.

Anish Bhatia’s List of the 50 Best Books on Screenwriting – Anish does a pretty good job rounding up the big books. No, he did not pay us to say that.

The Scriptwriter’s Network – Not sure who calls themselves “scriptwriters,” but this screenwriting group looks cool.

Got suggestions? I’d love to hear them. Shoot all link suggestions to: [email protected]

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