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Script Doctor Eric

Just a quick post covering two things:

1. A reminder that the deadline for my Mini-Screenwriting Contest is quickly approaching.  (It’s December 31st at midnight.)  Don’t miss it!

2. A couple of folks have asked about the safety of their ideas they submit for the contest.  Will I post about their logline and pages?  Will I discuss them on our screenwriting podcast – or anywhere else, for that matter?

No.  I will not communicate your ideas with anyone else.

I plan on publishing the winning loglines on this site.  Of course, that is with the permission of the writers.

In general, if you are worried about someone stealing your movie idea, please see my post: Will Someone Steal My Movie Idea?

Basically, most ideas don’t get stolen.  But if you’re worried just register it with the WGA.

Hope that helps, good luck in the contest, and…



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