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Script Doctor Eric

Happy New Year’s Eve!*

We end this holiday season with an extremely competitive Logline Friday.  Honestly, there were seven loglines that I thought could be winners.  It was a struggle to pick one.

So how did I decide?  I did what I usually do when caught in a dilemma – I asked for a second opinion.

In this case, that opinion came from screenwriter/blogger Emily Blake.  Emily was kind enough to offer her always honest and always brisk advice.  She quickly picked one logline above all the rest, and as that logline was one of my favorites, I went with it.

And so, the winner of the final Logline Friday of 2012 is… Richard Mazaheri

Richard’s logline:

THE CLAIM – “a man fakes his death in order to cash in on his life insurance. However, when he discover his wife is planning to use the money to run away with her lover he decides to take action”

The logline started out very ordinary.  Sure, a man fakes his own death to cash in.  We’ve seen it before, or read about it, or at least, considered it.**

But after the ordinary pitch, the logline got good.  He finds out his wife is having an affair?  And now goes after his wife and her lover, and yet he is supposed to be dead?  That sounds like a challenging adventure filled with conflict and drama! I’m in!

Richard wins notes on the first 10 pages of his script.  Congrats again!

If you didn’t win this week, remember: There’s always a Friday around the corner.

What will Logline Friday bring in 2013?  New prizes, a “points system,” and without a doubt, even more great loglines.

Seriously.  And…



*Is today a holiday or is it only tomorrow?  Shouldn’t New Year’s Day be renamed: “Hangover Day?”  Can we petition the White House on important matters like this?

** Nah.

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