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Script Doctor Eric

I have received a variation of this question a few times recently:

Hi Eric.  I have a great idea for a movie, but no real expertise on how to write it.  I see on your website that you help writers and are a script doctor – would you be willing to write my screenplay with me?

First, let me say that it is very flattering that people are willing to take me on as a writing partner based of the content of this site.  I appreciate that, and take it as a compliment.  It seems to reflect that perhaps www.ScriptDoctorEric.com is on its way to becoming a valuable resource for aspiring screenwriters.

But to answer the question, unfortunately at this time I must decline such offers.  I’m actually on a temporary hiatus, and probably shouldn’t even be writing this post.  :)   Check out my post Script Doctor Eric on Semi-Hiatus if you haven’t already.

So what should a person in this position do?  Well, you COULD look around for other screenwriters to write the script.  That is definitely an option.  You’d be acting a bit like a producer: you have an idea, and you want an experienced writer to turn it into a movie.

Might I recommend offering to pay the screenwriter?  You might start anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.  The more you offer, the better writers you’re likely to attract.  (You’ll need to ask yourself: How good of a screenplay do you want it to be?)

Another option is to write the darn thing yourself.  Why not?  Tens of thousands – if not hundreds of thousands – of people do it every year.  Give screenwriting a shot.  You might just catch the bug and end up like the rest of us: addicted to writing movies.

To get you started, check out my post: Help for New Screenwriters

Good luck, and…



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