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Script Doctor Eric

For this week’s Support Something Sunday project I’ve chosen to help out a UK student making a short film called Receiver

It’s a sci-fi short, and well, it’s a student film so who knows how it will turn out.  However, the director, Pedro, found me on Facebook and sent me the link.  We’ve communicated back and forth a few times, and he seems like a very driven, very focused young man.

And he has the coolest accent.  Spanish, British, a little American…  Check out the Kickstarter Campaign for Receiver to hear him pitch the project.

Then kick in a few bucks/pounds/your currency here.  They’re not trying to raise that much and for 10 pounds you can get a digital copy of the film.

Not bad at all.

You may have noticed this is not the first student film profiled in Support Something Sunday.  Nor will it probably be the last.  Maybe it’s because I spent so many years in college,* but I do have a soft spot for student projects.

So if you’re a student, first of all, don’t ever leave!  College is the greatest time of your life!  Cherish every moment!  You think I’m joking, but I’m not…

And second, if you have a student film and you’re trying to raise money, let me know!  Shoot me a link via email, Twitter, or Facebook.  My contact info is all over my site.  Or just go to my contact page

I support a project here ever Sunday…there’s no reason it can’t be yours.

Seriously, and…



*Twelve years, including graduate school.  Yes, I’m serious.

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