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Script Doctor Eric

***This is last year’s list!  For the new list, check out The Best Gifts for Screenwriters***

Though it’s a little late this holiday season, here are five gifts sure to please the screenwriter (or aspiring screenwriter) in your circle.

Note: I have received no payment for these endorsements.  You’ll probably see why.

1. Final Draft – The Latest Version

Final Draft is the standard in screenwriting software, but they come out with new version every ten seconds.  (Actually, about every other year, but it sure feels fast!)  You might want to make sure your friend doesn’t have the latest version before you buy it, but odds are they don’t because, in case you skimmed that first sentence – they release a new version of Final Draft EVERY TEN SECONDS.

2. Save the Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need

I’m not sure it quite lives up to it’s claim on being the LAST book you’ll ever need, but it’s pretty darn good.

3. Screenplays

If your friend wants to be a screenwriter, she should be not only watching movies and writing their own, but reading as many scripts as she can get her hands on.  There are a lot of screenplays for free online, but it’s great to have a hard copy in your hand.  So pick the genre they like and pick up a screenplay at your local bookstore or Amazon.

4. Script Consultation With Script Doctor Eric (You knew it was coming)

Tired of reading your friend’s script?  For $99 I’ll give it a read, two pages of notes, and have a thirty-minute phone consultation on how to make it better.  Buy it now, and when your friend gets that next draft done you can tell them, “Sure, I’ll read it…right after Script Doctor Eric gives you notes.”

5. Pen and Paper (Specifically, the Pilot G-2 and a legal pad)

If you want to get a little sassy with your screenwriting friend, give them the “original” laptop.  Be sure to tell them, “Hey, that’s how David Kelly does it,” because, allegedly, that’s how he does it.

Have a great holiday season, everyone.




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