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Script Doctor Eric

For the next episode of Scriptcast (A Screenwriting Podcast) Matt and I will discuss the pros and cons of writing partners.  We’ll share horror – and success – stories, and tell you about the ONE writing partnership dynamic that truly works.

Have any horror/success stories about writing partnerships you’d like to contribute?  Email them to me – [email protected] – or post them on my facebook page before Friday morning.  We just may read yours on the podcast.

Scriptcast is recorded live, every Friday from 11am – noon at the UCLA Radio studios.

Tune in by going to www.UCLAradio.com this Friday at 11am (Pacific) and clicking the “Listen Live” button.

If you miss the live recording, that’s okay – this episode of the podcast will be posted on iTunes in upcoming weeks.

(More about this to come in a future post… Meanwhile, to careful readers of parenthetical addendums such as this one, you might try searching “Scriptcast” in your iTunes browser.  The first couple episodes of Scriptcast are up and ready for you to download. And you can even subscribe!)

Thanks for listening.  And…



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