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Script Doctor Eric

As some of you television writers know, this year I recruited TV Consultant Joey to answer all Television questions on the site.

Due to popular demand, we then set up a service so she could give notes and feedback on TV spec scripts and pilots

Since this was the first year of the service, we were still experimenting with pricing.  Right now, she charges $50 for a spec script, and $75 for pilots.

But as this isn’t based on page numbers, sometimes writers would write a 30 minute pilot and still have to pay the $75 rate.  On the flip side, others would write an hour-long spec script and only pay $50.

This seems a little off.

Starting in January, the pricing will change.  We haven’t determined what it will be just yet, but it will probably correspond more to page numbers.

That means, if you have a 60-page spec script, you only have two weeks left to get note from Joey for the cut-rate of $50!

Be sure and take advantage while you can.

Write well, and…



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