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Script Doctor Eric

If you’ve been coming here to ScriptDoctorEric.com for more than nine months, than you’ve seen the monumental changes the site has gone through from its original, blogspot inception to its current (vastly more professional and user-friendly) state.

Most of this credit is due to logo designer Tony (TKO) and website design / hosting company, BOZZ Media

I’d recommend Tony, but he is very difficult to get a hold of.  As a friend of a friend, I was lucky to employ his services between animation jobs in Tokyo and Taipei.

As for BOZZ Media, I’ve been working with my “tech guy” Steve for almost ten years, on various projects.  He has always been extremely knowledgeable and professional.

He is one of the most affordable guys around, and if Steve can’t help, he’ll point you to someone who can.  (Yep, just like Santa Claus in Miracle on 34th Street

If you have any interest in starting a web business, I can’t recommend BOZZ Media enough.

The website:  www.bozz1.com

Tell him Eric sent you and you’ll get…

…his regular, very affordable prices.  :)

I didn’t get paid for this recommendation, nor did I receive anything for free…

But now that I’ve posted about it, maybe I’ll shoot Steve an email and see what he can do?


Hope that helps.  Best of luck, and…



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