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Script Doctor Eric

If you listened to Scriptcast: Episode 42 you heard Matt discuss something called his “2-Week Challenges.”

Bascially, he wants to try something new or different, and stick with it for at least two weeks.

He hasn’t started his first challenge, but I think this post and a quick Facebook survey will spur him into action.*

Want to get involved?  We’re already heard from a few folks about this (thanks for the emails!) and it seems a lot people like the idea of either helping choose which challenge Matt should do, or joining in the challenge themselves.

But if we haven’t heard from you, and you want to influence which challenge Matt will do first, tell us by either commenting below, tweeting me (@scriptdreric) or shooting an email to eric at scriptdoctoreric dot com.

Here’s a list of eight options to choose from…or suggest a new one!

1. Start conversations with three strangers a day

2. Make a stranger laugh each day

3. No driving or riding in a car

4. No Internet

5. Do stand-up comedy every night

6. Study a foreign language 1 hour a day

7.Wear a name tag

8. Wear an eyepatch

Sounds like fun, right?

We’ll announce which challenge Matt will be taking on the next episode of Scriptcast!  Stay tuned, and…



* For the Facebook survey, please see the Script Doctor Eric Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/scriptdoctoreric

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