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Script Doctor Eric

For this episode of Scriptcast Matt and Eric are joined in the studio by screenwriters Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer, writers of the FAMILY GETAWAY (Black List, 2010) and most recently the remake of THE BODYGUARD (yet to be released).  If possible, get your hands on a copy of Family Getaway before you listen to the podcast. :)


“Post Punk” – Mister
“To Kill” – Putnam Hall


Nick Palmer and Jeremiah Friedman interview, The Dude vs. Chaos, AFI Directing Program, Olympic sex comedy, the Olympic Village fuck fest, 51 condoms, Lego robotics, minimally-invasive urology, bad movies and Bangkok Dangerous, Family Getaway spec script, Jason Bourne meets Little Miss Sunshine, character development, creating unique character voices, writing partners, The Bodyguard remake, script notes, A Dangerous Method’s spanking scenes, structuring Family Getaway, detailed beat sheets, focusing on one project at a time, community of friends and creative input, getting a screenwriting manager, Mosaic, going “super tight” in Final Draft, horizontal networking, Michael Fassbender’s penis, writing action scenes, include action that movies the story forward, beats of the action sequence, John August on writing fight scenes, stripping away your story and focusing on one thing, Midnight Run, Yaphet Kotto, cutting a script, making it as short as possible, THE BODYGUARD remake – the germ of the idea, Jeremiah convinces Nick, pitching The Bodyguard remake at Warner Bros., Lawrence (Larry) Kasdan, Family Getaway on the black list, getting ahead in Hollywood, write something.

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