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Script Doctor Eric

Starting TOMORROW, Scriptcast (A Screenwriting Podcast) will now be recorded on Tuesdays at 4pm.

Why the switch?  It has to do with the schedule for the radio station as well as our own.

To listen live, go to www.UCLAradio.com on Tuesdays at 4pm (Pacific).

Yes, that’s tomorrow.

If you miss it, don’t worry – we’ll put the episode up on iTunes within a few days.  (Please read Subscribe to Scriptcast on iTunes if you haven’t already.)

But here’s a secret: Those iTunes episodes have been edited! Crazy, I know.

So there’s a ton of screenwriting stuff that is left out?

Well, I wouldn’t say we leave out THAT much…but there are a few things that aren’t in the recorded version.

So, if you want to hear us raw and live discussing screenwriting with all of our “ums,” “likes,” and “you knows,” be sure and tune on Tuesdays!

Thanks in advance, and…



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