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Script Doctor Eric

Just a quick post to let you know that for the next 10 weeks Scriptcast – A screenwriting podcast will be recorded on Fridays, from 10am – noon.

So if you want to listen live, go to www.UCLAradio.com on Fridays at 10am or so and click the “Listen Live” headphones at the top.

Of course, it’s a podcast, so if you miss the live recording no worries – the episode will be up on iTunes a few days after the recording.

Why the new time?  Since we record at the UCLA Radio studios, we get a different time each quarter, depending on availability.

This quarter, Fridays at 10am works the best for us and the station.  So…see ya then!*


*And this Friday, April 6th, a special guest is coming on the podcast!  Hint: She’s a screenwriter who has been on Scriptcast before, but since then has had some great things happen for her in her writing career…

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