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Script Doctor Eric

A Mini-Screenwriting Contest

(a.k.a. “The $3 Screenwriting Contest”)

Cost: $3 per entry

Deadline: Dec. 31st, 2011

What are you doing over the holidays?

Will one of your New Year’s resolutions be “write a screenplay?”

This goal of this mini-contest is inspire you to get a jump

on that script idea you’ve been kicking around in your head.

Send me your logline and first 3 pages of your script before the new year.

All genres welcome.

I will read all submissions and choose FIVE winners.

The winners will have until June 1st, 2012 to send their entire script.

Winners will be chosen at my discretion, based on

the appeal of the concept and professionalism of the writing.


Grand Prize

One year membership to SellingYourScreenplay.com’s

Professional Screenwriting Tools ($49.99 value)

Top Five Winners

I’ll read the full scripts of the top 5 winners

and give each one a free phone consultation.

The winners will also be posted on my website.


(in two easy steps)

Step 1:

Donate $3 (per submission) using the Paypal “Donate” button

It’s on the right side of the page.

Step 2:

Email me – [email protected]

In the body of an email, write the title, genre, and

logline (100 words max) of the screenplay.

Then attach the first THREE pages (max) of your script.

I accept .pdf or .fdr formats.

I must receive your script and payment before 11:59pm on Dec. 31st, 2011.

C’mon, it’s only 3 pages.


Multiple entries from the same writer are welcome.

The winners should be announced by the end of January 2012,

depending on volume.

Each winner must send me their completed script by June 1st, 2012.

Please check back to ScriptDoctorEric.com

for contest updates and details.

I think that’s it.

If you have any questions, email or tweet.

Happy holidays, best of luck, and…



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