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Screenwriting Services

I, Script Doctor Eric, am on hiatus from giving notes.  However, I am happy to announce that the wonderful and amazing Script Doctor Joey has agreed to help.  She’ll now be giving all screenplay notes on the site!

I would say that Joey is the best screenwriter I know, but you probably wouldn’t believe me.  Instead, I’ll just say she’s ONE of the best screenwriters I know.

She also gives amazing notes.  I get notes on everything I write from her.  Seriously.

Enough already.  Here’s her service:

Screenwriting Service for Feature-length Screenplays

Script Doctor Joey will read your screenplay (up to 125 pages) and give you 2-3 pages of notes and a 30-minute call to discuss it.  Joey will give you notes on structure, character, dialogue, story and maybe even a joke suggestion or two (if it’s a comedy).


Ready to take your script to the next level?  Follow these two easy steps:

1. Go to the “Order Services” menu on the right and choose the service that says “Feature.”  It should be $99.

2. Email the script to [email protected] in PDF or Final Draft format.

The current turnaround time is eight to ten business days from receipt of both script and payment.  If you are in need of rush notes, it can be accommodated. Please email for specific rates.

Sample script notes can be provided upon request.

For additional services or a modification of a screenwriting service above, please contact Script Doctor Joey at the email listed above.  Okay, again, it’s  [email protected]  :)

A final note: If you don’t decide to use Script Doctor Joey to help improve your screenplay, please make sure you do consult an experienced screenwriter or screenwriting professional before sending your scripts to agents, managers, producers, or anyone in Hollywood.  You’ll often only get one chance to make a good impression, and you really want to put your best foot forward.

And by “foot” I mean “script,” of course.

Best of luck to all the screenwriters out there, and…