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Screenwriting Links

Below is an ongoing list of my favorite screenwriting links. I have not been paid for these links and am not associated with any of the sites; I just like them.  -Eric

JohnAugust.com – The gold standard for screenwriting blogs.  Screenwriter John August (THE NINES, BIG FISH, more…) answers questions and imparts his wit and wisdom.

Scriptchat – Weekly Twitter chat on screenwriting and a good website for screenwriting resources.

Bamboo Killers – Aspiring screenwriter Emily Blake blogs about writing and screenwriting, posting appropriate Lolcat pics along the way.

SellingYourScreenplay.com – Produced screenwriter Ashley Meyers offers information for screenwriters trying to sell their screenplays and the business of screenwriting.

Go Into The Story – Professor and screenwriter Scott runs this exhaustively informative, regularly updated blog on screenwriting..

Writers Group Los Angeles – This link is to a LA writing group called Deadline Junkies that may or may not have a member called Script Doctor Eric…

ScriptShadow – Controversial site reviewing and posting screenplays around town. (On the controversy, see John August’s How ScriptShadow Hurts Screenwriters)

Complications Ensue – Alex Epstien offers some sweet advice not in his book “Crafty Screenwriting.”

The Unknown Screenwriter – No one knows who he is, but he posts great stuff on screenwriting.

My PDF Scripts – A place to get screenplays.

Screenplays for You – Another great place to read screenplays for free.

Anish Bhatia’s List of the 50 Best Books on Screenwriting – Anish does a pretty good job rounding up the big books. No, he did not pay us to say that.

Got suggestions? I’d love to hear them. Drop me your favorite links via Script Doctor Eric’s Contact Form